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Customized Photo Leaf Carving

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It is carved from a natural leaf. Each leaf is carved by hand. It takes a lot of steps to make a perfect work. This product contain a photo frame for free.

This commodity takes mature leaves, cooperates with the special craft processing, after the manual fine carving, the exquisite pattern jumps up. The process of making leaf carving is very complicated. The selected leaves need to be pruned, hammered, soaked, carved, ironed, bleached and other processes. Only by using the techniques of painting, carving, paper cutting, calligraphy and seal carving can they be made into leaf carvings with ornamental value and collection value.

The work only corrodes the mesophyll, and the veins still exist. Each leaf is about 9 to 10 inches. 

Each leaf is unique. There are not two complete leaves. The shape, color and size of the leaves are different.